Medicare Part D Notices Due by October 15

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Notices Due to Medicare-Eligible Individuals Employers who sponsor group health plans that offer prescription drug coverage to Medicare-eligible individuals are reminded that they must provide a Medicare Part D Creditable or Non-Creditable Coverage Notice to those individuals by October 15. This notice serves to inform Medicare-eligible individuals whether the prescription drug coverage offered is "creditable," meaning it

Continuation of Benefits (COBRA) in North Dakota (ND) VS. Federal Law

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North Dakota Continuation of Coverage North Dakota's continuation law generally allows employees of companies with fewer than 20 employees and their eligible spouses and dependents, who would otherwise lose group health insurance coverage due to certain qualifying events, to continue coverage under the current employer's group policy. To be eligible for continuation,

Enrollment Tip: Adding an HSA

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Employers can incorporate the Health Savings Account (HSA) as an added tax-saving benefit for their employees to offset rising health plan premiums, while also helping their employees become better health care consumers. But how can employers ensure their other health benefits "play nice" with the HSA this enrollment season? Here are a few compliance

Health Care FSA Expense Facts

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When does a Health Care Flexible Spending Account participant incur a medical expense? And why does the date matter? Medical Expense Incurred For the purposes Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts (Health FSA), the day that an employee receives medical care is when the medical expense is incurred. It is not necessarily the same day