With open enrollment fast-approaching for many employers, it is a good time to review what materials are necessary for open enrollment and what employer notices are required to distribute and when.  Some employer notices are provided when participants first become covered under a health and welfare plan and others have an annual distribution requirement.

In some cases, employers may choose to rely on a third party (e.g., COBRA administrator, insurance carrier, etc.) to prepare and/or provide some of the notices described above. Ultimately, the requirement to provide notices falls on the employer, and failure to provide the required notices timely may result in penalties for the employer.

We’ve provided due dates to some of the more common notices. Please remember, upon request, all notices are to be provided. The amount of time to respond can vary, so prompt attention to requests for information is best practice

For a list of the more common employer notices related to health and welfare plans detailing how they may apply to employer offerings read this week’s ComplianceBuzz.

Article Credit: Employee Benefits Corporation